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The global real estate family office

About us

AM alpha is a family office that works globally and specialises in joint real estate investments from private and institutional investors. Our mission is to allocate, optimise and manage the assets of our investor community by identifying exceptional investment opportunities and realising value creation potential.

The family business whose journey began in 2006 as a real estate family office has today grown into a major real estate investor operating in Europe and Asia.


We combine well-timed investments with a consistent manage-to-core approach in order to take full advantage of opportunities and generate exceptional returns. We focus on the office, retail and residential sectors in leading metropolitan locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Value Add

We sustainably upgrade properties that are facing profound challenges with measures ranging from core refurbishments to innovative letting management solutions, to add value to our investments.



Our special focus is on properties with substantial vacancies in good city-centre locations, where we maximise the appeal for tenants by implementing a dynamic asset management approach. For this we rely on targeted measures such as refurbishments and modernisations in conjunction with a particularly active letting management strategy.



As a family business, we have long-term goals. We take responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations and make sure we use resources carefully. We want to lead the way towards the necessary changes and encourage the markets to move towards complete sustainability.

ESG is an integral part of our investment philosophy and plays a very significant role in our investment decisions. The real estate and construction industries are major contributors to resource consumption and CO2 emissions on our planet. We often invest in existing properties that have a significantly better carbon footprint than newer buildings, and with careful management and targeted investments we can further improve their carbon footprints and achieve excellent energy ratings.


AM alpha Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Sendlinger Str. 7 – 3. OG, 80331 München
Telephone: +49 89 / 550 6989-00

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