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AM alpha climate neutral since May 2022

Sustainability: A question of attitude

Since its foundation in 2006, the investment manager and family office AM alpha has pursued a series of long-term, sustainable strategies. This also includes becoming climate neutral and reducing our CO2 emissions. In May 2022 AM alpha became climate-neutral certified.

The CO2 emissions of the business operations were measured and analysed by examining the business travel guidelines, the switch to green electricity and other resource-saving measures AM alpha had in place. The company's national and international climate protection projects also complement AM alpha's commitment to give back to our ecosystem what the company takes from it. “As a family business, we have always thought and acted across generations. Sustainable management and climate protection have always been part of our corporate culture. Our brand promise of Returning Real Value sums up this claim," says Martin Lemke, Managing Director at AM alpha.

Measure, reduce…
To calculate the carbon footprint, AM alpha brought in climate protection experts Climate Partner. When the emission values had been determined, the company worked together through all possible and necessary steps to improve them. The result was impressive: AM alpha has been climate-neutral since May 2022, certified by Climate Partner. "But it is much more important that we now have the database and the control structures to be able to continuously reduce our CO2 footprint in the future," says Lemke. "To be credible when setting up a sustainable product portfolio it is essential to start with oneself."

…and improve
AM alpha is intensively promoting reforestation measures in German forests, which, as a direct result of climate change, have suffered particularly in recent years, often because of intense heat waves. With the support of AM alpha, forests can become more climate-resilient thereby stabilising the ecosystem in the long term.
AM alpha is also heavily involved at an international level, for example in a reforestation project in China and in a water treatment project in Sierra Leone. Educational initiatives aimed at children and young people will be initiated soon to promote awareness of the forest as a habitat and as an essential CO2 store. "The substantial and continuous reduction of our CO2 footprint has become part of our corporate philosophy and it is impossible to imagine our actions without it," explains Lemke. "Our approach to sustainability and long-term thinking is perfectly complemented by this."

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AM alpha is a Munich based privately owned real estate family office that focuses on global investments in prime real estate on its own account and in collaboration with family offices, private clients and endowments in Europe and Asia. The company is represented in Europe in all major real estate markets with its own offices. Its Asian operations are headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the gateway cities in the Asia Pacific region. AM alpha has also received all necessary licenses from German regulator BaFin acting as a German regulated capital management company (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft – KVG) and Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). The real estate firm is currently managing a substantial Asia Pacific and European portfolio.

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