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About us

The fact that an alpha is part of our name is no coincidence. It is an expression of the way we think. As globally-active family office we belive that our customers deserve the best - but not the first which comes along.

When it comes to the development and implementation of individual investment strategies for global real estate investments, we follow the same maxim.

What makes us different? The fact that we do invest, the high quality of our networks, our independence. These factors give us the freedom to act flexibly to take chances and to discover new investment opportunities.

Track Record

Global Presence

One-dimensional thinking has never created multidimensional success. For this reason, our organizational structure is constructed as diverse as the projects in which we invest. mehr erfahren


Every investment comes with its own rules. Dealing with those situations on an individual basis is our strength as well as a challenge. It is necessary to exploit advantages of the market potential and to think beyond stereotypes. mehr erfahren

Global Presence

The coverage of four continents is possible through regional offices in Luxembourg, Istanbul, Shanghai and Singapore as well as in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Chile.
With more than 100 real estate professionals AM alpha focuses on office, retail, residential and logistics assets which have potential for value creation in good locations of metropolitan regions.



Whether shopping centers in Turkey, an office building in Sydney, a condominium in Berlin or an office tower in Shanghai, AM alpha covers most diverse markets, recognizes the potential and generates extraordinary returns. With this approach AM alpha manages today more than € 2 billion asset under management worldwide.



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